ThunderStor offers the user a simple, fast and effective method to extract ThunderBird Mail from the mail box files to individual standard email message files. (requires .NET framework) Extracts Attachments (with merge option)! Now with better international encoding and greatly simplified U3 usb smart drive support! NEW: Output eml Browser!

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NEW in 3.0 : Updated to .Net 2.0, Greatly improved default Thunderbird locator, Enhanced outbput browser now includes HTML view, Raw view and Header View. Added Vista compatible x86 installation support.

Now At Version 3.0

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Provides a method for extracting individual text message files from your ThunderBird EMail program. Provides email address, transaction list extraction. Also provides attachment extraction, storage and reference listing.

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ThunderStor Output

ThunderStor's Default output (each individual email message) files are named as:

Subject_<subject> _ Date _ <date>.<extension>

<subject> is derived from the individual message
<date> is derived from the individual message
<extension> is user's runtime choice

ThunderStor builds the output message name, then checks to see if that name already exists, if it does, it is assumed to be a duplicate and is skipped. This saves a tremendous amount of time, and is the desirable method when you are using ThunderStor as a repeating backup tool. For example; when you add it to your task scheduler.

'Allow Duplicates' bypasses this check and instead builds the names like:


<copy_number> is an auto incremented count of additional messages with the same name.

This allows you to make certain that you get every message, even when it appears to be an exact duplicate. This is the desirable method when you are doing a one time run to export your messages.

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Updated to .Net 2.0

Greatly improved default Thunderbird locator

Enhanced outbput browser now includes:
HTML view, Raw view and Header View.

Added Log to file check box to main functions tab

Other minor logging changes.

Added Vista compatible x86 installation support.


Fixed 'Skip Deleted' option,
to better handle most Mozilla Status Flags.
It actually works now. :-)


Fixed bug that allowed invalid attachment names to cause exception errors. (Illegal characters in path)


Improved handling of exceptions caused by corrupt date fields in headers.

Added new view option that allows you to browse and view output eml files.

Several minor bug fixes and improvements.


Fixed bug in identifying and processing some messages and attachments when using 'allow duplicates'
*this bug may have prevented the proper attachments from being extracted from some same subject messages,
and addtionally may have caused some same subject messages from being processed properly.

More Improvements in Exception Handling and Logging


Modified the Email and Attachment Lists (HTML) to use relative paths, to better alow for the exported archive to be moved.

Added Help option to Allow a Reset of the options to recommended defaults

Improved Exception Handling and Logging

Modfied Interface to move Advanced Options to seperate tab.

Many minor presentation changes.


Major overhaul to improve international character encoding.

Added simplified support to locate U3 Thunderbird installs for the Input Mail Location

Added Tool Tip support

Updated help file

Updated installer to accept .net 2.0 framework installs, and to no longer accept 1.0. (still accepts 1.1)


Fixed bug to improve handling of empty subject files during 'Allow Duplicates'

Switched to threaded execution to improve interface updates and to prevent 'Not Responding' messages.


Improved Help File and Links to Help.


Fixed command line path bug .

Added New 'Allow Duplicates' function!
This function, when checked, tells ThunderStor to create messages even when an apparent duplicate already exists in the output folder! This feature has been widely asked for, and gives you the opportunity to extract messages that have the same subject and timestamp.


Added Improved Attachment Extraction
and better handling of other poorly formed message parts

Fixed Bug that caused an Error on Loading
When A Default Thunderbird folder was not found

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Screen Shots

Main Screen Options View Menu Help Menu
ThunderStor Main Screen Shot ThunderStor Screen Shot ThunderStor Screen Shot ThunderStor Screen Shot


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  • Backup your EMail
  • Grep out Individual Messages
  • Archive Specific Messages
  • Export ThunderBird Messages to Other EMail Programs (like Outlook)
  • Sort and Store by Subject
  • Store and Merge EMail to the Network
  • Archive list of email addresses
  • Browse List of emails and view old message
  • Recover Deleted EMails (not always possible)
  • Extract Attachments for storage or use
  • Merge attachments into single folder
  • Extract email from your U3 smart usb drive to your computer's local drive.

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  1. Command line interface
  2. Windows interface
  3. Simple and Fast
  4. Recognizes and only Backs-Up newly modified files
  5. Highly Structured Output Closely Matches Your ThunderBird Folders
  6. Output is named based on mail message subject and date
  7. Output is in clean compatible text .msg files
  8. Reads U3 Thunderbird installs from smart usb drives.
ThunderStor Feature Comparison
Feature Free Trial Registered Version
Maximum Messages That Can Be Processed 250 (max) Unlimited
Extract Mailbox Messages Yes Yes
Extract Addresses Yes Yes
Extract Attachments 20 (max) Unlimited
Extract Inbox Messages Yes Yes
Extract Junk Messages Yes Yes
Extract Trash Messages Yes Yes
Recover Deleted Messages (Selectable) Default
Log activity to File Yes Yes
Reset Log File Yes Yes
Log transactions to csv Yes Yes
Log transactions to html Yes Yes
Log "From" email addresses Yes Yes
Log "To" email addresses Yes Yes
Store Unique email addresses Yes Yes
Change Input Folder Yes Yes
Remember Input Folder Location for next use Yes Yes
Change Output Folder Yes Yes
Select .txt, .eml or .msg as default output extension Yes Yes
Button to Rest Input Location to Default Yes Yes
Button to Rest Output Location to Default Yes Yes
Remember Settings From previous Run Yes Yes


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How Does It Work?

  • ThunderStor searches for your ThunderBird installation
  • ThunderStor recognizes your Mail Box Files
  • ThunderStor automatically creates a storage location "c:\ThunderStor\"
  • ThunderStor creates sub folders for each of your Mail Folders
  • ThunderStor extracts your email into individual .msg (text) files and places them into the newly created ThunderStor archive folders
  • ThunderStor extracts your email Attachments into individual files with there original names and places them into the newly created ThunderStor archive subfolders
  • ThunderStor recognizes that your email only needs to be saved when your Mail Box Files have changed(when not using the 'Allow Duplicates Option'). That means when you get new mail, or move mail around in ThunderBird

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Command Line Usage

ThunderStor can be ran from the command line or as a one-click windows solution! To run by command line, just type "ThunderStore -QuietMode" without the quotes, and ThunderStor will run in the background! Great for setting scheduled tasks, so you can run daily, or even every hour!

Command Line Options
Option Description
-QuietMode Allows you to run silently in the background
-LogToFile Allows you to record actions and issues
-ExtractMode Allows you to extract information like email addresses
-AllowDuplicates bypasses the normal duplicate message check and instead builds the names like:


Use this when you are not getting all of your messages extracted. It will sometimes find and extract messages that are not properly delimited, or have been corrupted.
-.eml Forces output files to the extension of .eml
-.msg Forces output files to the extension of .msg
-.txt Forces output files to the extension of .txt
-SkipJunk Allows you to ignore the Junk Folder
-SkipDeleted Allows you to skip messages not in the active index
-OutPath="path\\" Allows you to specify the default output location
-InputFolder="path\\" Allows you to change the default input folder
The Extract Attachments option will instruct ThunderStor to automatically save any attachments to subfolders named the same as the messages they were attached to. The attachment files will retain the original attachment name.
-DoAutoKillThunderbird Ungracefully and unmercifully terminate any running copies of ThunderBird.
-NoAutoKillThunderbird Do not automatically terminate running copies of ThunderBird
The Merge Attachments further enhances the "Extract Attachments" option that instructs ThunderStor to automatically save attachments, by storing them in a folder named .attachments in the primary output folder. The individual attachments will retain their original file names, and will be appended with (n) when duplicates are found. This option, in effect, groups all the attachments into one place. This is option is recommended method for attachment extraction.


Example Usage 2

By using ThunderStor, you can easily setup an incremental backup of your email and not have to worry having to copy those large mailbox files over and over again!
So for example, let's suppose you have several sub folders in Thunderbird where you save important messages. Over time those messages grow until your mail box file is hundreds of megs! If you were to back those files up every night, then you would have to copy those 500+ meg files every time!
But with ThunderStor, your backup program will only have to copy the new messages in those mail boxes. So instead of hundreds of megs being copied, you now only have to copy a few megs at a time!
All you have to do is:

  1. Set ThunderStor to run once a day with something like the windows task scheduler.
  2. Set your back-up program to run afterwards

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    Example Output

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Export ThunderBird Email to Outlook

  1. Execute ThunderStor to create your .eml or .msg files
  2. Follow this tutorial on how to import .eml or .msg files into Outlook
  3. Thats all! Your Done!

Try emlBridge for importing eml files into Outlook and virtually any other email client!

*Please take special note that BitDaddys recommends you to continue using ThunderBird. It is simply the best client out there.

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Common Errors

The most common problem that ThunderStor users run into, is the security error that .Net reports when you attempt to run ThunderStor from your local network.

The error looks like this:

.net network error

This problem is easily resolved! Click here for a tutorial and demo on how to quickly correct this issue.


Another common error is when you attempt to execute ThunderStor from a new location (other than the default installation directory). It will contain a message similar to:

This too is easily fixed!

Just copy the following file to where you want to execute ThunderStor from:

C:\Program Files\BitDaddys Corp\ThunderStor\dart.powertcp.mail.dll

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Trial Version Download

Trial Version of Release Application : Setup Program
(max of up to 250 messages)
500k download
Microsoft .NET framework only ( now requires .net 2.0 or better )
*note: Install this first if you are having trouble!
MS Download Page

Note! There is no guarantee that this product will perform as expected. There is no warranty offered or implied. Use at your own risk.

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ThunderStor Registered

  • UNLIMITED Messages
  • Remember Settings between sessions
  • Create a HTML (web page) Log with Extract Mode (see screen shot)
  • Windows Extract Mode Check Box (extract email addresses and more!)
  • Command Line -ExtractMode Option (extract email addresses and more!)
  • Command Line -OutputFolder Option
  • Windows OutputFolder Selection Enabled
  • Command Line -LogToFile Option
  • Windows Log To File Check Box
  • Command Line -InputFolder Option
  • Windows InputFolder Selection Enabled
  • Windows Skip Junk Selection Enabled
  • Windows Skip Deleted Selection Enabled
  • Command Line -SkipJunk Option
  • Command Line -SkipDeleted Option
  • Select Output Extension Drop Down
  • Command Line options for Output Extension

Screen Shot of Registered Version

Screen Shot Of Ouput Logs and Folders

RegNow Checkout



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  • outlookFiller64 - Import eml files in to 64 bit Outlook
  • emlBridge - Transfer eml files with a personal pop server
  • PopTransAct - Perform programatic actions on attachments and emails
  • emltohtml - Convert eml files to html previews
  • emlDetach - Extract Attachments from eml email files
  • pstEmailExporter - Export eml and msg files from Outlook PST files. Outlook is not required! ( now part of Email Open View Pro Site and Corporate )
  • ThunderStor - Extract eml files from mbox files
  • msgDetach - Extract attachments from msg email files
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Additional Command Line Syntax Info

Command Line options are run in this manner:

"C:\Program Files\BitDaddys Corp\ThunderStor\thunderstor.exe" -options

for example:

"C:\Program Files\BitDaddys Corp\ThunderStor\thunderstor.exe" -QuietMode

Here are some example command line options:

Use this to run ThunderStor in the background. It prevents the graphical interface from showing and ensures an interaction free session

Records ThunderStor actions to a file named thunderstor.log located in the root of the currently defined output folder

Creates the following files during extraction:

1. From Log
contains the raw extracted email addresses from each message.
as defined by the message "From" header line.

2. To.log
contains the raw extracted email addresses from each message.
as defined by the message "To" header line.

3. Address.log
contains a list of each unique email address found in the processed messages

4. list.log
contains a record of each email processed.
includes the from,to,date and subject of the message

5. list.html
contains a record of each email processed.
includes the from,to,date and subject of the message.
Is presented in a html file allowing you to review/search and even click on the messages previously processed.

changes the default output extension to be .eml

changes the default output extension to be .msg

changes the default output extension to be .txt

forces ThunderStor to not process the Junk mail box

forces ThunderStor to not process messages that are not in the mail box active index. In effect - this turns of automatic deleted message recovery.

*special note : this option is not recommended. it can in some cases cause false positives resulting in some valid emails not being extracted

changes the location of the output files. This can be important if you want to store multiple ThunderStor archives to a central location. For example, if you want to save several user's email to a backup network location.

*special note : be sure to end the path with a double backslash like this:

changes the default location that ThunderStor considers for processing. This is most important if you want to include profiles / users other than the current default.

*special note : be sure to end the path with a double backslash like this:

In General, it is advised that you set all of these options via the Windows interface the first time. ThunderStor will remember the setting and process correctly on that computer from that point forward. In doing it this way, you will only have to execute with -QuietMode to process as a background task from the command line.

* Be sure to end your command line with the path statements if they are going to be used ... in this order:

thunderstor [options] [-OutPath] [-InputFolder]


thunderstor -QuietMode -OutPath="c:\mysavedfiles\\" -InputFolder="c:\mymailfiles\\"

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Help Index

Did you know that you can also find additional help inside of ThunderStor?

Just click on 'Help' and then 'Contents'

Then Click on 'Index'

See the below image:

ThunderStor Help Index

Click on the above image to see a larger version.

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