emlDetach - Detach Your Email Attachments and Save them wherever you want! Extract your message attachments from eml files. emldetach recursively crawls your specified input folder for your exported or saved email files. It then saves copies of the original attached files, found in the email files, to your choice of archive locations. You can group attachments into type based folders and even read zip files! Includes improved statistics and powerful command line options! Designed to read individual RFC-822 .eml email files and export all found attachments.

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NEW in 1.4 - Option to Copy eml files to attachment folders.

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Provides an easy to use utility to scan through your stored email files and extract and archive the attachments found in those emails. It reads industry standard rfc-822 .eml (plain text) encoded email files.

So ... if you have a lot of emails stored as individual files, and need to get the attachments out of them in an efficient and inexpensive manor ... emldetach is for you!

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Command Line Options

Option Description Example
-h show helpful information -h
-sorton turn on sort by type -sorton
-sortoff turn off sort by type -sortoff
-sortsenderon turn on sort by sender -sortsenderon
-sortsenderoff turn off sort by sender -sortsenderoff
-statson turn on statistics gathering -statson
-statsoff turn off statistics gathering -statsoff
-scrapeon turn on scrape additional info - slower but is recommended. -scrapeon
-scrapeoff turn off scrap additional info -scrapeoff
-subdirson turn on search sub directories -subdirson
-subdirsoff turn off search sub directories -subdirsoff
-autorun run immediately without any interface -autoron
-inpath specify input path -inpath="c:\input\\"
-outpath specify output path -outpath="\\server1\output\\"

*note: -sorton and -sortsenderoff are mutually exclusive. you can only use one method at a time.

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  1. Windows compatibility
  2. Speed
  3. Reads email files
  4. Saves Message Parts under their original stored names
  5. Groups all of the extracted attachments in to your specified output location.
  6. Allows for duplicate attachment names by serializing
  7. Allows you to specify any input location
  8. Allows you to select or deselect whether to search sub directories
  9. Allows you to group attachments types together
  10. Will read emails from within a zip file
  11. Will create a log file of who sent attachments
  12. Will create a log file of how many of each attachment type was found
  13. Can group your attachments by sender's email address

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Version 1.4.5 released

Many fixes, including:

Fixed: Exception on handling unsupported encoding in the From field
Fixed: Exception on extracting embedded eml files, when versioned.

Version 1.4 released

Added option to copy email files
to type or sender folders
Improved: Handling of certain types of encoding

Version 1.3 released

Improved handling of
Attachments in improperly formed
.eml files.

Version 1.2 released

Sort Attachments in to Folders
named to match the sender !

-sortsenderon and -sortsenderoff
commandline options

Now checks for attachments embedded
inside of saved attachments!

Version 1.0 released

Brand New Release!

Click Here for demos.

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Example Usages

Want to save your attachments?

Want to be able to retrieve and store all of the excel reports you generated and emailed last year?

Want to archive all of those images you received in your email?

Want to extract so that you can sort all of those pdf reports sent to you last month?

Want to backup all of those movie files stuck in your email?

Want to save those documents so that they can be edited on the network?

Want to keep all of those wonderfully funny pictures?

Want to make a cd of those family photos that your cousin sent you?

Want to automate a procedure where at the end of your application, you need to extract attachments from an email?

Want to find out who is sending all of those joke images?

Want to find out who is getting more funny pictures than real work related mail?

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Example Outputs

Just imagine ... After running emldetach against all of those old emails, you will find things like:

  • All of those Excel Spreadsheets ready to use!
  • All of those Word Documents ready to use!
  • All of those PDF files ready to use!
  • All of those images ready to view!
  • All of those movie files read to watch!

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Screen Shot

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Trial Version Downloads

Download Links Size Comments
This is the full setup

The trial version will only export a maximum of 25 attachments.

Requires .Net framework

Microsoft .NET framework only
*note: Install this first if you are having trouble!
MS Download Page
Note! There is no guarantee that this product will perform as expected. There is no warrantee offered or implied. Use at your own risk.

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emlDetach extract attachments from eml email files

14$ for the full registered version.

(the registered version may be a newer revision and include additional features and functionality than provided in the trial version)

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  • outlookEMLandMSGconverter -Convert eml and msg files using Outlook ( EML MSG TXT TNEF HTML )
  • outlookFiller - Import eml files in to Outlook
  • outlookFiller64 - Import eml files in to 64 bit Outlook
  • emlBridge - Transfer eml files with a personal pop server
  • PopTransAct - Perform programatic actions on attachments and emails
  • emltohtml - Convert eml files to html previews
  • emlDetach - Extract Attachments from eml email files
  • pstEmailExporter - Export eml and msg files from Outlook PST files. Outlook is not required! ( now part of Email Open View Pro Site and Corporate )
  • ThunderStor - Extract eml files from mbox files
  • msgDetach - Extract attachments from msg email files
  • mboxPack. - create mbox files from eml files
  • emlResender - Send .eml files

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